Preschool (36 months to 6 years)

In the Preschool Room, children make independent choices each day at school. They are encouraged to play in various areas of the classroom and participate in activities such as art, cooking, science, math and music. Each day the children gather in a group circle time where language arts, thematic learning, and kindergarten readiness skills are practiced.

Every child is encouraged to be independent, make personal choices, and resolve conflicts with their peers in a positive manner. Preschoolers have outdoor play twice a day for approximately 45 minutes, weather permitting.

“My husband and I feel at ease knowing our son is in an environment with experienced staff to care for him every day at Merryhill. Merryhill is a family oriented, friendly place and our son is learning, having fun socializing with other children and gets to play in the beautiful, scenic backyard every day the weather permits.” – Susan


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